The allure of the American West is strong. There is an idea of towns separated by desert expanses baking in the sun yet still surviving west of the Mississippi. A family packed in an old van set out from northern Minnesota to see it for them selves. When they enter New Mexico they find what they were looking for.
“New Mexico sure is pretty…” the thought trails off as the landscape slides by the windows. The car is headed north on I-25 toward Santa Fe. After a few more miles they see their turn off for the night. “Ohh Santa Fe, I’ve heard of this place. Aren’t there some movie stars that live around here.”
There is no denying the fact that there is something here in the state. That family settled down in a little town (not Santa Fe). They raised their kids, including the one they brought with them in the womb. He became a first generation New Mexican.
31 years have passed since that voyage to the American West. Being raised in this state has taught me many things, living out of the state for a year taught me even more. New Mexico is still filled with mystery and lore. The lowriders on old Route 66, the laid back mind set, the four full seasons, it all captivates tourist who would otherwise pass through with just a turquoise necklace to remember their time.
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