Various States of Failing
February, 2016
This project was created in a time when self doubt weighing heavy on my mind. That weight has been lifted since but I still see the bearing it set me on as relevant.
September, 2016
What started as a light study of my new house turned into a study of space and our movement/use of it.
Jemez Mountains
May, 2016
Field notes from May 30, 2016
20/$16 book series part 1
March, 2016
Each book is limited to 20 copies and will cost $16 each. They will be personalized to each person buying them with hand written notes.
#CreativeJam ABQ, NM
January, 2016
A design competition comes to Albuquerque.
December, 2015
Photography As A Form Of Self Exploration
Photographing the human condition
June, 2015
without having humans in the frame
I was
June, 2015
Photographer: Justin Thor Simenson | Model & Poem: Sarah Velez
Trinity Nuclear Test Site
April, 2015
Open to the public.
A Family Trip to White Sands
February, 2015
A New Mexican's guide to White Sands.
Lay me down
September, 2015
The allure of the American West.
Neon Days
September, 2015
A journey down Albuquerque's Route 66.
July, 2014
Finding peace and comfort and looking for answers where sometimes there are none.
Smarky is cool
May, 2011
In memory of Mark Allen Simenson.
May, 2011
Solargraphy is the process of setting a pinhole camera facing south and exposing it for long periods of time. These range from 3 to 6 months.
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