Rio del Burque
November, 2017
The Rio Grande is Albuquerque's vital artery. Yet a short walk along it's banks will reveal many systemic problems. Like cholesterol clogging the veins of a cheeseburger addict, non-native trees and jetty jacks clog the river from it's natural flow.
Air Quality
October, 2017
El Burque
July, 2017
I have called Albuquerque home longer than I have any other place. It is a hard place to live and an even harder place to succeed. That hasn't stopped many from trying. Albuquerque has and continues to attract the outsiders, the loners, the hard headed and for that I am greatful.
Following signs
October, 2016
In the wilderness with heightened senses. Following signs of bull elk.
Changing this desert place
September, 2016
Albuquerque, New Mexico is not the only place we as humans are changing. But because it is the place I live it is the place I document. We are changing this desert place into what we want and for better or worse it is changed.
New Mexahoma
March, 2016
The journey from Albuquerque to Tulsa through the land called New Mexahoma.
But when it rains...
January, 2016
A communities’ relationships with stormwater and ground water.
We Are Neighbors
January, 2015
Albuquerque's idea of neighborhood and community.
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